Family 4th
Family 4th


The Family 4th at Lake Union is made possible only by the contributions of generous community-minded individuals and businesses. The 2013 campaign may be over, but we would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to those who pledged their support.

  • Starbucks
  • TalkingRain
  • KING 5
  • KIRO
  • KISS
  • KUBE
  • KJR
  • Seattle Weekly
  • Seattle PI

David Anderson, Aaron, Jordyn, Connor, Looi and Bella, Laurie Almoslino - PC Database Solutions, Max Artemov, Matt B., Jo Ann Bailey, Tom Barghausen and Sandy Bailey, The Barnard Family, James and Eileen Birge, BTS Homeland, Kathleen Braden, Caitlin Cali, The Carreno Family, The Chimi!, Raleigh and Joanne Chinn, The Cleworth Family, Cole/Masumoto, Easterbrooks Family, Greg Eliel, Charles N Erwin, Excel Chimney, Sean Fennessy Family, Finest Kind Seafoods, Scott Ford, Maureen Frisch, Sheryl Frisk, Chris Gaspard, Jeffrey M Gassen, Rosemary Gregory, The Hallows Church, Jana W. Helmuth, CPA, Scott Henderson, Douglas L Hom MD, Jill Hughson, Janelle Jacobs, KC Jefferies, Michelle R. Jones, Kent Reese Family, Dale Klein, Paul Klein, Beth Knox, Kristi Koons, Kota, Kate and Jason Kreitzer, Sean Lane and Tom Bingman, Ed Lazowska & Lyndsay Downs, Karen Lee, T. Mah, Tim Maland, Gloria Mann, Steve McManus, Gary Murphy and Aaron Amundsen, George and Eileen Murphy Family, J. Neill, Northern Lights Photography, NW Chars, Susan A. Parker, Mr. & Mrs. Pecore, Pierce Family, Andrew and Dinah Prather, Bill and Edwina Predmore, John Reeg, Roanoke Reef Houseboat Community, Carl Robinson PhD, The Rodriguez Family, Rosebud Seattle, Tony and Gale Roth, Salal Credit Union, Mike Schultz and Steven Sanford, Lucas J Smith, Sewell Family, Dan Shih and Ted MacGovern, Bill Sikich, Smith Cove/Queen Anne Beer League FC, Hannah  and Chris Stalter, Natassia Stelmaszek, Brian Stone, Cam and Irish Strong, Tom and Julie Taylor, Turgeon Raine Jewellers, Susan Ulrickson, Diane L VanDerbeek, Visit Seattle, Kelly Walker, Waterline Boats LLC, Beth West, Steve and Karen Williams